At CHAiNT we re-imagine sustainability, leveraging technology to accelerate sustainable business and promoting the integration of circular thinking into our way of life and business community.

We are a Change, Innovation and Transformation Hub, powering a platform that supports organisations to simplify complex sustainability challenges through eco-innovation and design for the future.

Our Role in the Circular Economy

Role of Governments & Institutions

How can Governments & Institutions help create the right conditions for the circular economy to thrive? Governments can set in place regulations where appropriate, and be active drivers of innovation and investment in the circular economy. Institutions also need to set the right framework that delivers progressive change throughout the value chain.

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Partner with Chaint

Chaint Afrique works with governments and institutions with the aim of supporting the creation of sustainable policies and accelerating the transition towards the circular economy.

Whether it's for a Sustainability Strategy, an ESG Framework, a Waste Management Plan or Carbon Footprint we are always developing new ways to create value for corporates. Be it multi-national or local firms. We tailor our STRATEGIC SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES FRAMEWORK (C3SF) according to their operations ensuring that our recommendations and findings are unique and material to their operations. We also link up industry to eco-centric consumers who are seeking sustainable choices via our in-app ecoStore which lists carefully vetted sustainable products

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Change Initiatives

By applying the principles of the circular economy, Chaint Afrique is ushering in the Sustainable Plastics initiative to re-think and re-design the future of plastics in Africa.

We deploy our digital platform for the circular economy EcoRewards to assist households in understanding best practice in the circular economy. We provide strategic advocacy that helps them understand optimal ways of segregating their waste, we provide new insight on re-using waste, avoiding waste and eliminating waste via digital learning on our app. We reward them for responsible citizenship for making sustainable choices towards meeting SDG12. We link our users to an array of sustainable products in our ecoStore in line with on vision to make sustainable lifestyles accessible, affordable, aspirational and available to all

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Re-imagining Sustainability

Our flagship initiatives

Facts in numbers

There is an urgent need to refocus our growth and development trajectory towards initiatives that will accelerate profitable and equitable growth while galvanizing local actions and develop hacks that encourage local innovation. Key to this green trajectory is sustainable consumption and production practices which drives the economy.


As at 2013; The consumer goods industry accounted for 75 percent of global solid waste. The sector takes in approximately USD 3 trillion worth of materials.


Projecting to 2050; about 60 percent of plastics demand could be covered by production based on used plastics.