We believe that Sustainable Lifestyles should not be a luxury


Our approach to change, innovation & transformation

1. EcoRewards AfricaTM

2. CHAiNT Circular Market Place

3. CHAiNT Technology & Finance

4. CHAiNT Sustainable Business Consulting

What we do at CHAiNT

We help communities and organisations integrate circularity into their business operations, ensuring that they focus on material issues to innovate and achieve maximum returns from their sustainability investments. We help Government, private sector and NGOs maximise their sustainability potential through strategic and relevant interventions that improve on their long term operational and financial performance.

Vision 2030

Be a key enabler for Africa's transformation towards a circular economy through innovation that makes sustainable lifestyles accessible to all.


Encouraging and enabling households, communities and businesses across Africa to transition towards more sustainable consumer choices by providing tech-enabled green solutions

We can meet the Global Goals in 2030

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