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Chaint Afrique is a Change - Innovation & Transformation Platform (CHA.IN.T) that leverages innovation, collaboration and financial mechanisms to unlock access to sustainable living. We educate and reward households and communities for positive actions that safeguard the environment while linking them to sustainable choices. We assist businesses and organisations to integrate ESG in their business operations, ensuring that they focus on material issues to innovate and achieve maximum returns from their sustainability investments, especially through the development of sustainable products for the households and communities that collaborate with us. We are emphatic in the pursuit of approaches that enable sustainable living for all. We strongly believe that the achievement of the Global Goals by 2030 is underpinned by access to sustainable living. In our 4A philosophy, we believe that Sustainable Lifestyles must be Accessible, Affordable, Available & Aspirational to all. We focus on a range of solutions that provide tangible opportunities for individuals, households, communities and businesses to engage in the circular economy.

CHAINT is the L.I.R.I.C.S of the sound of sustainability. Our vision is to be a key enabler in Africa's transition to a circular economy through unlocking access to sustainable living.

Understanding that access to finance is a key barrier to the offtake of ESG, we pride ourselves as the first Sustainability Services Company in the Region. We collaborate with key partners locally and internationally to unlock barriers to access to finance for those initiatives we identify locally. We will be successful when our stakeholders see value in improved performance.

Leveraging the circular revolution, we create new business models that align with cultural values to stimulate adoption underpinned by local innovation that is scalable and replicable Regionally. We make a difference by connecting, informing and inspiring regional businesses, building local business cases for circularity, and addressing key barriers that hinder access to finance and technology for circularity in the Region in collaboration with our network partners.

In a nutshell, we are a sustainable lifestyles company with a vision to leverage technology and innovation to help integrate circularity into our way of life. We believe that sustainable lifestyles is a universal human rights and not a privilege to a few. For us to make a significant shift in consumerism we have to radically make changes to our consumerism priorities, supply chain and distribution models. We have to consider approaches that provide sustainable choices to consumers (our industry side collaboration via consulting), while educating and rewarding consumers for sustainable choices (our digital platform EcoRewards Africa).