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We focus on creating demand for sustainable consumption and production, facilitating sustainable business and rewarding those who participate in responsible actions via understanding the very essence of circularity.


An eco-incentive driven platform that will be an Uber sustainable lifestyle concept, linking communities and organisations to their waste carriers and awarding users ecoRes ecopoints) as a reward for positive ecoActions. It will also serve as eco-efficiency rating scheme for industry, awarding industry points in the form of a league system and linking ecoRe affiliated organisations to eco-conscious customers. Customers are awarded ecoRes for shopping in ecoRe affiliated organisations. Aim is to reward ecoActions and create an eco-incentive platform across sub-Saharan Africa.



Our flagship digital platform EcoRewards Africa is designed to be agile and compatible for use with a diverse ecosystem of actors to strategically increase penetration. The App can be used by households, communities, corporates, large corporate waste service providers, small informal wastepickers, big corporates and SMEs to satisfy their specific imperatives especially related to linking up to circular users and service

Happy Hands

Each year, over 82 million cedis worth of bar soap is discarded by prominent hotels in Ghana. This means that 14 million pieces of bar soap is discarded at landfills around the city of Accra. The Happy Hands Initiative is an inclusive sanitation & circular economy project to provide recycled soap bars to the needy. Recycling 14 million pieces of bar soap means that over 600,000 hands can be washed 4 times daily and that orphanages save 6000 cedis a year per 100 children. This initiative is sponsored by the Vittol Foundation.

Fish Nets

Every year, tonnes of abandoned fishing nets pile up on beaches of Ghana, create a navigational hazard for boats, and damage to the fragile ecosystem in the ocean floor. Chaint Afrique is on a mission to reduce these harmful effects by systematically collecting and recycling fishing nets in Ghana

Chaint Academy

This is the philanthropic social investment arm of Chaint Afrique exists to promote circular economy thinking by empowering people, changing mindsets and behaviours in order to address resource consumption in emerging economies. Its mission is to empower individuals, families and communities in Africa with the tools to live inclusive and affordable sustainable lifestyles. The strategy will include using networking and a project based approach to achieve the set goals.

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Symposium on “Achieving SDGs in Western and Central Africa through Financial Inclusion”

We believe that
Sustainable Lifestyles
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